64th RGV RSEF Categories

The following are the 21 categories for this year's Regional Fair and Texas State Fair:

Animal Sciences (ANIM)

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BEHA)

Biochemistry (BCHM)

Biomedical and Health Sciences (BMED)

Biomedical Engineering (ENBM)

Cellular and Molecular Biology (CELL)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CBIO)

Earth and Environmental Sciences (EAEV)

Embedded Systems (EBED)

Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design (EGSD)

Engineering Technology: Statics and Dynamics (ETSD)

Environmental Engineering (ENEV)

Materials Science (MATS)

Mathematics (MATH)

Microbiology (MCRO)

Physics and Astronomy (PHYS) 

Plant Sciences (PLNT)

Robotics and Intelligent Machines (ROBO)

Systems Software (SOFT)

Translational Medical Science (TMED)